High Sierra Cat Club presents

"Spin to Win"

Featuring Kittens, Championship,
Premiership, Household Pets and Veterans

May 17, 2014

Lodi Grape Festival and Harvest Fair
413 East Lockeford Street
Lodi, CA 95240

Our Judges

Wain Harding - AB/HHP/Vet
Vicki Nye - AB/HHP/Vet
Betty White - AB/HHP/Vet
Brian Moser - AB/HHP/Vet
Mary Auth - AB/HHP/Vet
Carolyn Prisser - AB/HHP/Vet

Early Bird Entry Fees

$46.00 - First and Second Entry
$36.00 - Third Entry
Deadline 4/12/2014, fees MUST accompany entries

Regular Entry Fees

$51.00 - First and Second Entry
$41.00 - Third Entry
$155.00 - "Four Pack" of entries (same owner)
$26.00 - Fifth and Additional Entries
$26.00 - HHP and Veteran Entries
$20.00 - For Sale/Exhibition, with Competitve entry
$25.00 - AOV entries
$15.00 - Double Cage
$15.00 - Grooming Space
$10.00 - End of Row Requests
$25.00 - Returned Check Fee

Closing date - 5/12/2014,
or when 225 entry limit reached.

Entry Clerk
Linda Ahrens

26454 Greentree Ave
Madera, CA 93638
Phone: (209) 568-2192

E-mail: Entries4linda@gmail.com

   Enter Online!!   

Show Managers
Carol Freels
Phone: (916) 655-3372
E-mail: ocicats@att.net

Vendor Coordinator
Elizabeth Hamill
Phone: (925) 451-5749
E-mail: elizabethhamill@att.net

All entries (including for sale or exhibition) must be on a signed, official CFA entry form or an exact copy. Entry clerk will call collect, if information is incomplete or illegible. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks. Make checks payable to High Sierra Cat Club. All fees must be in U.S. funds and accompany entries. No refund for failure to bench. One benching request per exhibitor, please. All entries, including exhibition only and for sale, must be entered on an official CFA entry form or facsimile. Each For Sale or Exhibition Only entry must be accompanied by a competitive entry. ** Faxed or E-mailed entries must be paid within 10 days of entry or prior to the start of the show, whichever comes first. **

This is a non-vetted show. Exhibitors are advised that all entries should be inoculated by a licensed veterinarian against Feline Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calici Virus, and Rabies, and tested and found negative for FeLV before entry. All claws must be clipped prior to benching. Declawed cats are not eligible for entry. All adult household pet entries over eight months of age must be neutered or spayed. No kitten under 4 months of age will be allowed in the show hall. No entry will be permitted to remain in the show hall overnight. Under current CFA show rules, show management reserves the right to have any cat showing signs of illness, disease or parasites removed from the show hall, in order to protect other cats in the show.

For Sale/Exhibition Cage Rules:
Kittens must be at least 4 calendar months of age or older, and comply with all other CFA show rules. For sale or exhibition entries must be on a signed, official CFA entry form or a facsimile.

Show Hotel:
There is no specified show hotel. The following are options. Please be sure to recheck with each hotel to confirm their current pet policies.

Econolodge, 118 N. Cherokee Lane, 209-367-4848
Lodi El Rancho, 603 N. Cherokee Lane, 209-368-0651, $10 pet fee
Motel 6, 1140 S. Cherokee Lane, 855-265-2185, Pets stay free
Best Western Royal Host, 710 S. Cherokee Lane, 877-411-3436, $20 for 2 pets

Show Hall:
The hall is climate controlled with air-forced heater/coolers. There is no food vendor on the premises. The show hall is NO SMOKING. Single cages are 21x21x21in; doubles are 21x21x45. No more than one cat or two kittens may be benched in a single cage. Litter will be provided. Please bring your own litter pan. The Lodi Grape Festival and Harvest Fair, High Sierra Cat Club and club members will not be responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal property. Parking is FREE

From Sacramento going south on 99, exit on Lodi/Turner Rd. Go straight on Cherokee Lane and turn right onto E. Lockeford. Pass the main entrance of the fairgrounds, which is on the right, turn right through the large gate on the corner and into the parking lot. Going North from Stockton on 99, exit Central Lodi/San Andreas/Hwy 12. Turn left on Victor Road, right onto Cherokee Lane and Left onto Lockeford St.

Cage Size
Single cage size is 21" x 21" x 21". Double cage size is 45" x 21" x 21". No more than one cat or two kittens may be benched in a single cage. All cages must have curtains covering the back, sides and top in addition to a rug or mat on the floor of the cage.

Ribbons and rosettes will be awarded for all wins in accordance with CFA Show Rules General Information: This show will be conducted in accordance with current CFA Show Rules. A copy of the CFA Show Rules may be obtained for $5.00 + $2.00 shipping from CFA, 260 East Main Street, Alliance, OH 44601, or obtained online at http://cfa.org/documents/forms/13-14showrules.pdf. All Championship, Premiership, and registered Kitten entries will be scored for CFA National and Regional awards. Registration numbers must be printed in the catalog. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to check the entry confirmation and notify the entry clerk of any errors before the closing date.

Check-In and Judging:
Check-in will be from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Saturday. Judging will begin promptly at 9:00 am Saturday. Advertised show hours will be from 10:00am - 4:00pm on Saturday. Exhibitors and their cats must stay in the show hall during the advertised show hours, unless they receive permission from show management.

Supplies and Miscellaneous:
Litter will be provided. Cat food will be provided as donated. Please bring your own food and water dishes, and your own litter pan.

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